Avoiding Compromise


Proverbs 2:1-22

Although the temptation to compromise threatens every believer, we don’t have to give in to it. If we’re aware of the danger and understand the downward progression and consequences, we can remain vigilant and stay on track.

The first step in learning how to avoid compromise is understanding why we find it so tempting. When others pressure us to take part in what we know God has forbidden, giving in becomes easy because we don’t want to feel rejected. But anyone who’s committed to living a godly life must be willing to stand alone and face ridicule or even persecution (2 Tim. 3:12). At other times, in an effort to avoid conflict, we may consent to activities that violate our conscience—then seeking peace at any price can result in disobedience.

The temptation to compromise, however, doesn’t always originate with others; we can be carried away by our own desires. Many Christians have fallen into sexual immorality or pornography, and others are motivated to give in because of greed. If you alter details on your income tax or take a few things home from the office, you’ve stepped over the line of obedience to the Lord. Our choices should be based on scriptural truth, not on our feelings and desires.

In order to stand firm against compromise, it is important to seek wisdom in Scripture and let it set the standard for your conduct. If you begin each day with God in His Word, He will guide your way. Then when the Holy Spirit gives a warning, obey immediately, because giving consideration to the temptation opens a door for Satan.

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