Seek God Early

Psalm 63:1-8

You’ve probably heard people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A similar concept applies to our heart and mind. The fuel we give them each morning greatly affects the remainder of the day. Think of time in God’s Word, prayer, and meditation as spiritual nourishment for your relationship with the Father.

David began his day with the Lord. In Psalm 63, he described seeking God early (the literal translation of earnestly). He woke up ravenous for his Creator, and after filling his yearning soul with the fullness of the Lord, he broke out in thanksgiving and praise to Him. Even while lying on his bed at night, David was still thinking about his heavenly Father.

Just imagine having a day like that—filled with joy and gratitude to God. This is possible when we set apart the beginning of our day to spend with the Lord, listening to Him speak through His Word and talking to Him in prayer. Our blessing will be even richer when we stay mindful of God throughout the day and into the night, contemplating who He is and how He works. Seeking the Lord not only fills our empty soul; it also increases our hunger for more of Him.

Do you find it a struggle to set apart time with the Lord each morning? Realize that lifelong habits begin with baby steps, not overwhelming resolutions. Start today—set aside 15 minutes this morning. Then try doing so for a few days, and see if the Lord begins to satisfy your soul and increase your hunger for Him.

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