The Reason For Rebellion

Psalm 107:16-21

Followers of Christ can get caught in the trap of trying to justify their wrongs. But when we dispense with all the creative excuses, everything can be boiled down to four reasons for rebellion:

• I refuse to do what God commands. There are obvious ways to ignore God’s laws, such as committing murder. But more often the subtle, private methods of disobeying become obstacles in our path. These might include harboring unforgiveness or ignoring pleas for help.

• I pursue what is forbidden. The Lord has declared certain things off limits. (See Rom. 1:28-32; Gal. 5:19-21.) He doesn’t desire to ruin our pleasure, but He does know that some actions can have devastating consequences.

• I pursue something God allows, but in a forbidden manner. We have a lot of freedom in the Christian life—wealth, success, and relationships are all available to us. But believers are not at liberty to achieve goals through theft, deceit, injustice, or the like.

• I pursue what God allows, but in my own timing. Impatience is oftentimes the reason people end up in debt or bad relationships. We decide to go after something before getting clear guidance from God.

Whenever you are faced with a decision, ask yourself this question: What is the wisest thing for me to do? Then stop, ask the Lord for direction, and wait until He answers. When we are doing the will of God, we never have to make excuses.

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