Our Labor Of Love:

1 Thessalonians 1:1-5

The moment that we place our trust in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, we become new creations. This is an act of love by the heavenly Father—He gives us new life and adopts us into His family. He also has a custom-designed plan for every believer, with specific work for each one to accomplish.

Once we are saved, the rest of our days are to be spent fulfilling God’s purposes for our life. We are called to be Jesus’ disciples—acting on His behalf and working zealously for God, as the Savior did. The world is hungry for the good news, which we are to deliver.

Redemption is God’s gift, offered to us free of charge (Eph. 2:8-9). Salvation is by grace, not by grace-plus-works. Once we are saved, however, works are God’s will for us—the Holy Spirit carries out Jesus’ agenda on earth through His followers.

God has committed Himself to guide and equip believers to act as His servants. No matter what He calls us to do, He will provide the necessary abilities and resources. His Holy Spirit will teach us whatever we need to know—such as effective ways to relate, to pour ourselves out on behalf of others, and to share our faith. He expects us to make serving Him a priority, and to surrender our time, talent, and treasure for His use. Age does not disqualify us from His service, and there is never a time for retirement.

While we are living on earth, our lifestyle is to be one of enthusiastic, committed service in the cause of Christ. Let your work for God be a genuine labor of love.

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