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When prayer is supported with fasting and the Word of God, it becomes tremendously powerful to yield the desires results. In warfare, prayer pulls down strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:4-5). Frankly speaking, fasting is necessary for some difficult situations to give way. For example, Jesus said; some evil spirits may not go away when commanded unless the prayer is backed up and supported with fasting. (Matthew 17:21; Mark 9:29).

A true child of God  should set aside at least one day in a week to fast with prayer. It is expedient to know that

(1) A believer who does not fast will nurture the flesh so much that his spirit man becomes weak to withstand temptations.

(2) Fasting should be done only for Godly purpose.

(3) Inability to spend sometime to fast and pray to God will deny us spiritual excellence and deprive us of spiritual power.

(4) Without setting time apart to fast with prayer, a christian may be serving his/her belly as a god.

(5) Fasting is a great price that brings down great spiritual and physical victories.

(6) Fasting burns down all fleshly(carnal) desires and handicaps demonic forces from advances over our lives.

(7) Fasting with prayer increases our spiritual sensitivity. It helps us to receive divine information.

(8) Food does not bring us near to God; hence God will destroy both food and the belly. (1 Corinthians 6:13).

(9) Fasting with prayer keeps us afloat spiritually and helps us to have hunger for righteousness.

(10) Fasting with prayer draws us closer to the Lord.

(11) If Jesus fasted and prayed in order to succeed in His earthly assignment the every christian should fast and pray.

(12) Victory and good success do not come cheap. There is a price to pay and fasting and prayer are parts of the price.

(13) Fasting strengthens the spirit and subdues the influence of the flesh.

(14) Over eating makes us prayer less, and may lead to spiritual shipwreck.

(15) Fasting with prayer improves our physical health. When we fast by abstaining from food, for a day, couple of days, a week or more, with intense prayer, we give some rest to our digestive system and this helps to rebuild and renew the physical body and bring healing to it


Your victory is assured, God Bless

Pastor Joel Uzoma

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